28 November 2009

Food ~ Birthday ...

specially for mah mel sis ..
indian rice serve with banana leaves ..
sure u super miss it ..
ngek ngek ...

last 2 weeks ..
celebrated mak wan de birthday..
after prayer meeting..
she was shocked to c so many balloons ..

this is what we did while preparin for it ..
though kinda rush n not well prepared ..
hope she will like it le..

Welcome to the '2' ...
u cant laugh me animore ..

12 November 2009

Updates !~

sorry everyone for the MIA
been very very tired for almost everyday ..
as now im working as account clerk
at sapura acergy
which the office is located in serdang ~
of coz is show ha my nephew geh update pics sin la..
his coconut tree head is growing taller n taller ..
summore now SENG MUK till.
can do sign language instead of using his mouth
to say something or even call his parents....
i wonder y my sis will teach him sign
language first instead of talking ..
swt betul ~

as for this year birthday ..
a very special pre celebration ..
but on the exact day ..
its super tired ..
for the pre celebration ..
my youth cell members celebrated for me at
Oldtown Kopitiam at Kuchai Lama ..
their changing song singing
super geng lorr..
at first is say tmr worship use which song .
they sing out the chorus part..
then suddenli
change to birthday song ..
i was like ...
but anywayz ..
thanks desa-ians ..
nice try yeah !!!

a birthday card which is hand made by makwan ~
and messages written by the desa-ians ..
felt so blessed to have them in my life ...

as on the exact day,
of coz have to work la..
after work ..
went to church to have meeting ..
den when i was about to leave..
the other members stopped me ..
and mok rushed out to get a cake came in ..
i was like ..
they remember de wo..
GAM DUNG dou ..
cant express out ..
almost teared lerr..

the cake that they brought in
when i was about to leave tat time ..
so touched ~

after that
rushed to Sunway Medical ..
one of the crab member,...
got admitted into hospital ..
takkan dun go de ma..
sure have to go visit de le...
thank god she is okay few days later ...
as for the post celebration ..
the PRS gang also celebrated for me le..
we went xuan cafe at kuchai for first round ..
then 2nd round at taman desa ..

Thanks guys ..
thanks for everything ..
thanks for the celebration ~

28 September 2009

Happenings In These 2 Weeks ...

so much things happened these 2 weeks..
happy and unhappy things also got ..
talk bout the unhappy thing first la ..
is one of my heng dai ..
on thusday night ...
he has left to UK to further
his studies le..
sent him off at airport with peng n sam jie ..

come bak fast fast ..
buy me jersey ya ..
ngek ngek ~

as for the happy things ..
of course is the birthday celebrations de la..
all the while ..
the most birthday was october de ..
mana tau ..
this year changed to september ..
lets see ...

Carmen's birthday on the 3rd ...

celebration at Station 1 OUG ...

then to Chloe's as my previous post ..
as her birthday falls on the 7th ...

then to her sister ..
Alicia's 21st Birthday on 12th ...
till now i din get the pics yet ..
aih ..

then on the 20th was cynthia's ..
we gave a huge suprise to her at her hse ..

23rd was my 8 yrs friendship
geh heng dai ..
Wilson's birthday le..

on 24th ..
we have David Tan
Jerry Wong ...

on 25th is Mei Chee's Birthday ..

we celebrated in advance for
Jerry and Mei Chee at sg wang Red Box..

then night time at kuchai lama's
Little Tree Cafe
celebrate with David's along ..

and then ho ..
last friday...
belated birthday celebration for Eugene
birthday celebration in
advance for Chee Hon ..

the latest one was yesterday ...
Amy's birthday ..
we celebrated at a Japanese Restaurant ...
nearby Old Klang Road ..

next month will be birthdays for family side ..
mooncake festival coming soon too ..
looking forward for the family reunion feast ..
ngek ngek ...

last but not least ..
welcoming the new TIT MA of the family ..
sister got her new car on saturday ..
means ..
i will fully take charge on the Wira le ..
no more Volvo le..

10 September 2009

Help !!!

medicine hunts me again ..
this time ..
9 tablets every 8 hrs ..

08 September 2009

Add Me Back In FaceBook PLZ ~

due to my active-ness in commenting status ..
my facebook account got banned ..
so everyone ..
pls add me back in facebook ..
last sunday we Desa-ians ..
had a neutral event ..
where all of us gather for swimming ..
at choong han's place..
at the same time ..
we gave a suprise for Chloe's birthday ....
while they were enjoying the swimming ..
me n mak wan ..
all of the sudden gave signal to justin n the rest ..
to cover her ...
then when she turn around ..
we sang the birthday song ..
haha ...

the desa-ians ..
u guys ROXXX !!!!!

03 September 2009

OMG !!

these ppl are reli too GENG !!!
DA JIE !!!
2 hrs time
got 63 comments ...

01 September 2009

Lucas ..

c how great he looks with his cap on ..

this is how he runs ..
so HIAO horr ..

got caught by grandpa ...
trying to escape out to the porch ..

Uncle Kenneth Is Speechless ...